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Shenyang Wen Sheng instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: Dadianzi Industrial Park in Dongling District of Shenyang City

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  • China Petroleum Dushanzi Urumqi Xinjiang finished oil pipeline project

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  • Construction project of Ma Lan base gas transmission pipeline in four counties of Xinjiang

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  • Fujian Quanzhou refinery - Green Lanshan carp tail oil pipeline project

  • The two phase project of finished oil pipeline in the Pearl River Delta of Sinopec

  • Chinese Changqing Petroleum Natural Gas Project

  • Sinopec TP-11 natural gas pipeline project

  • Tiexi Shenyang gas pipeline project

  • Sinopec of Zhejiang petroleum Ningbo Shaoxing Jinqu oil pipeline project

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  • Zhangjiakou - Yingxian County gas pipeline project

  • Jing Zhong China Changqing Petroleum Pipeline