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Fast opening blind plate materials are carbon steel stainless steel copper aluminum alloy steel PVC and PPR

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Fast opening blind plate materials are carbon steel stainless steel copper aluminum alloy steel PVC and PPR

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  Quick opening blind plate

 Quick opening blind plate for pressure pipeline and pressure vessel, the circular opening, and can achieve a mechanical device to open or close rapidly, generally by the cylinder head cover, flange, hook or ring hoop, sealing ring, safety interlock mechanism, switching mechanism, a rotating arm and a short (when necessary) and other components. Disk blind (blind plate) the formal name is called the flange cover, some also called blind flange or pipe blocking. It is a flange with no holes in the middle, which is used to seal the pipe mouth. Head and cap function and play is the same, but the blind plate seal is a sealing device can be disassembled, and the head of the seal is not ready to open. Sealing surface in the form of many types, a planar, convex, concave convex surface, groove and ring joint face. Material with carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, PVC and PPR, etc.. Blind plate isolation, cut off, and the welding head, pipe cap, plug the role is the same. Because of its good sealing performance, for the need to completely isolate the system, generally as a reliable means of isolation. A 8 word blind plate is a solid circle with a handle, used in a system of isolation. The 8 word blind plate, shaped like 8 words, one end is a blind plate, the other end of the throttle ring, but the diameter of the pipe with the same diameter, does not play the role of throttling. 8 word blind plate, easy to use, need to be isolated, the use of blind plate side, the need for normal operation, the use of the throttle ring end, but also can be used to fill the pipe on the installation of blind plate gap. Another feature is the obvious identification, easy to recognize the installation status. Blind flange used in galvanized oil medium system, the system should be used for other medium hot galvanized, zinc dipping layer minimum weight 610g/m2, hot galvanizing quality inspection according to CB*/Z343. The blind plate shall be provided with a separate (cut) part, such as a device nozzle, cut off valve, or between the two flanges. It is usually recommended to use 8 words blind plate; to suppress, blow and other disposable parts of the use of the plug can be used (circular blind plate). Generally divided into four types: forging, casting and forging, casting, plate cutting system. The forging products of the highest price, the lowest in the plate, casting and forging. Casting is the most time of a process. The quality is good in forging and casting, to be slightly worse.

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