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Detailed introduction

Lock ring type fast opening blind plate

Receiving the ball barrel lock ring type fast opening blind plate for horizontal or vertical pipeline provides a quick switch structure,

Lock ring type fast opening blind plate is designed to open the bedroom or any vertical pressure vessel in a relatively short period of time,

Compared to other fast open blind boards to run more safely and reliably, the fast opening blind plate of any size specification can be opened or closed in less than one minute, and no special tools are needed.

"Fast switching blind plate technology specification" SY/T 0556

"Fixed pressure vessel safety technology supervision code" R0004 TSG

"Pressure vessel" GB150.1~4

Pressure vessel welding procedure NB/T47015

"Use" of carbon steel and low alloy steel forgings for pressure equipment NB/T4708

Low alloy steel forgings for low temperature pressure equipment NB/T4709

Stainless steel and heat resistant steel forgings for pressure equipment NB/T 47010

Mechanical property test of welded specimens of pressure equipment products NB/T47016

"Non destructive testing of pressure equipment" NB/T47013

"Hot rolled round and square steel dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances" GB/T 702


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