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Insulation joint

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Insulation joint

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Detailed introduction

Insulation joint

Insulation joint

Long life:

QDQ-JD series insulating joint using two sealing structure, Q type and U type self sealing ring, sealing ring insulation laminated section. Completely avoid moisture products in the water pressure test and soil moisture to prevent internal joints, good sealing performance. In addition, the annular space inside the sleeve (assembly) is injected into the polymer composite material, and the low viscosity, the cold and the solid hot hardness resin are injected. And has certain compressive strength. To eliminate the leakage caused by seal failure, and insulation failure caused by leaks, especially by the king of rubber (FPM) seal, anti aging degree is greatly strengthened, the service life of the pipeline is equal.

Insulation joint installation:

QDQ-JD series insulation joint due to high insulation, sealing and reliable, and pipeline life, no maintenance, so no need to install the underground installation of observation wells, can be directly buried in the ground.

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