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Clamp type quick opening blind plate

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Clamp type quick opening blind plate

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Detailed introduction

Clamp type quick opening blind plate

A quick opening blind plate to achieve rapid opening or closing by loosening or tightening of the clamp.

(1) the performance of the clamp type fast opening blind plate

1 has the self-locking function (blind self-locking, shockproof, anti loose, open two times relief) not only prevent the blind plate loose in the process of locking, but also to prevent the dangerous situation and the condition of pressure to open the blind plate.

2 sealing ring and sealing surface without relative rotation, the sealing ring is not easy to damage, so as to better protect the sealing system.

Three the 3 valve clamp realizes the locking action, the force is uniform, and the length of the opening wire rod is reduced, and the switch is more flexible and reliable.

4 while increasing the bite force (occlusal area, area of more than 90%) is more suitable for large-diameter high-pressure natural gas pipeline, the main pressure parts of blind plate made of integral 20# or 16Mn forged steel and welding parts without main pressure parts.

(two) three flap clamping type quick opening and closing method of blind plate:

1 opening process:

(1) vent valve and exhaust valve opening blind plate mounted container, the container pressure drop to zero. Unscrew safety interlock mechanism.

(2) with a wrench to turn the screw, so that the inner diameter of the three lock ring is gradually larger, so that the inner diameter of the locking ring is larger than the outer diameter of the blind plate cover. At this time, the locking ring is separated from the blind plate seat and the cover.

(3) pull the handle by hand, open the blind.

卡箍式快开盲板Clamp type quick opening blind plate

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