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Two cup four straight pipe cleaner

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Two cup four straight pipe cleaner

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两皮碗四直板清管器Two cup four straight pipe cleaner

Two cup four straight pipe cleaner

The pipe cleaner is a special tool used for cleaning pipelines, which is driven by a gas, a liquid or a pipeline transportation medium. It can carry the electromagnetic launcher and the ground receiving instrument to constitute the electronic tracking system, but also can be equipped with other accessories, complete a variety of complex pipeline tasks.

Natural gas pipeline 1 operations: clear the pipeline internal water, light oil, methane hydrate, ferric oxide, carbide dust, carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfate and other corrosive substances; reduce the corrosion damage of corrosive substances on the inner wall of the pipe; to clear the pipeline to inspect pipe deformation; check valve; intact rate along; decrease working backpressure.

2 line: operation in Central China pipeline detection before the tube, low throughput intermittent operation of oil pipeline; pipeline internal clearance of condensate oil, wax and scaling, to reduce backpressure and wear resistance, reduce the temperature of the oil.

3 chemical material and edible oil lines: clean the pipe with polymerized materials; isolate different pipeline medium medium conveyance and measure pipe conveying pipe.

New pipeline cleaning:

4 section clean sweep line test pressure: remove the pipeline debris, rust, drainage, exhaust.

5 total pass clear pipe pressure test: detection of pipeline deformation, construction quality. Exhaust before water pressure test, water drainage, dry, medium isolation.

6, water injection pipeline: remove scale and sediment.

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