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Insulation joint

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Insulation joint

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Detailed introduction

Insulation joint

Insulation joint

Insulation joint is a general designation of pipeline joints with the requirements of sealing performance, strength performance and electrical corrosion protection required for buried steel pipelines at the same time. It contains a combination of parts, insulation board, packing, sealing ring and tube etc.. The insulation joint is improved according to the replacement of insulating flange problems in use, the pressure is an important essential element of cathodic protection system of steel pipe in the cathodic protection system is widely used in steel pipe.

Folding edit this paragraph technical parameters

Service life: with the same pipeline; medium: oil, gas, water, application of chemical raw materials, pulp.

The quality requirements of the folding editor

Insulation strength: 2500V 50Hz 1 minutes without breakdown or arcing; insulation resistance: 1000V DC resistance than 6M ohm; test pressure: 1.5 times the design pressure; air tightness test pressure: equivalent design pressure; nondestructive testing: according to JB4730-94 all the butt joint of 100% radiographic inspection, the other 100% magnetic particle bearing weld groove with API5L; standard.

Folding edit this paragraph classification

Rail insulation joint

A kind of high strength rail insulation joint is connected in the two rail end placed rail end insulation, slot type insulation board is clamped on both sides of the joint, two pieces of reinforced cover plate is installed in the groove of the insulating plate, and then use the high strength bolt joint and tighten the penetration holes. The first insulating plate mesh glass cloth groove type insulation board, the first, three, five, seven for the paste insulation adhesive, second, the six layer is the fourth layer of glass mesh cloth, thick glass cloth; second kinds of insulation board is electric heating plate groove type insulation board, the first, three, five. The seven layer is the insulating film second, six layers of glass cloth, the fourth layer is the heating plate with a hole.

Mother pre insulated connector

Cemented insulation joint

Pipe insulation joint

The structure and principle of the folding editor

The integral insulation joint is composed of the following parts: upper, lower pipe, sleeve, insulation, seal and insulation coating. Between the upper and the lower ends of the insulation joint, the insulating part and the sealing element are clamped to form a double sealing structure with an insulating property. The sleeve adopts the welding and welding or catheter directed two forms, insulating parts and the upper and lower sealing tube firmly wrapped inside, forming a "sealed container", which not only ensures good insulating performance, but also greatly improve the bearing capacity of the insulation structure.

Folding edit this paragraph installation requirements

The 1 insulating joint located within 50 meters, to avoid welding die;

2 insulation joint is connected to the pipe, not in the joint lift pipe within 5 meters; 3 insulation joint and pipeline pressure test instrument.

Insulation joint

Folding and editing of the section U sealing system

U type symmetric sealing system consists of an insulating joint has two sides of the sealing ring, and the insulating joint internal rigid insulation ring closely together, but also by firmly pressing the left flange in between the pre reserved space, so as to achieve the best sealing effect, this the sealing system is specially designed for the production of insulating joints, but also nuovagiungas's patented technology, the insulating joint sealing technology is often referred to as DSGS, double seal system.

The advantages of the double seal system of insulation joint:

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