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Receiving ball

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Receiving ball

  • Classification of the genus:Pig launcher and Receiver

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Detailed introduction

Receiving ball

1. The structure of the receiver and transmitter

The barrel adopts eccentric flat reducers, wheel paddle, clamp and lock ring type fast opening blind plate structure.

A launcher is used to adjust the pipe cleaner to achieve the best position in the barrel and serve to prevent pipe cleaner, quick opening blind plate opens clear residual pressure in the pipe tube effect under the return tube is avoided. Do not go out in the barrel after the booster.

2, materials

The cylinder body and the guide tube: Q345R, 16Mn, No. 20.

Fast opening blind plate: 16Mn III forging

Seal: PTFE polyethylene rubber, Ding Qing

3, quality system

Implement ISO9001 quality certification system

4, norms and standards

The design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the service shall meet the requirements of the latest edition of the following codes and standards.

"Fixed pressure vessel safety technology supervision procedures" R0004-2009 TSG;

"Steel pressure vessel" GB150-2011

ASME CODE section 8

"Steel pressure vessel - Analysis and design standards" JB4732-1995

Saddle support the first part: saddle support, JB / T4712.1 - 2007

"Steel chemical vessel design foundation" HG20580 - 2011

"Selection of steel chemical vessel materials" HG20581 - 1998

"Steel chemical vessel strength calculation" HG20582 - 1998

"Steel chemical vessel structure design" HG20583 - 2011

HG20584 - 2011 of steel chemical vessel manufacturing technology regulation

"Flat washer a" GB97.1-2002

"Long double headed stud B level" GB901-2010

"Type I six angle nut A and B level" GB/T6170-2000

"Seamless steel butt welding pipe fittings" GB12459-2005

"Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment" JB/T4730-2005

Steel plate for boiler and pressure vessel GB713-2008

Second part of delivery technology for oil and gas industry conveying steel pipe: B grade steel pipe GB/T9711.2-1999

"Seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid" GB8163-2008

"Pressure vessel coating and transportation packaging" JB/T4711-2003

"General tolerance, linear dimension of the non - note tolerance" GB / T1804 - 2000

"With neck on welded pipe flange" B16.5 ANSI

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