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Tube cleaner emission device

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Tube cleaner emission device

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Tube cleaner emission device

Tube cleaner emission device

The cleaning pipe system is composed of a pipe cleaner, a transmitting and receiving device, a receiving device, and an electronic tracking and cleaning device. Pigging is pipeline cleaning tools for scraping wall dirt. During the operation, the pig in the pipeline, the outer edge of the cleaning tube and the inner wall of the pipeline to form a good elastic seal, using the pipe from the medium pressure is the force, push the pig operates in the pipe tube, the leather bowl, steel brush and other components of pig itself has to interact with the inner wall of the pipe in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning pipe, at the same time, the pig itself carries a super low frequency transmitter and ground instrument matched, at any time can understand the operation of cleaning pipe in the pipe; the ball receiving cylinder are respectively installed on the pipeline at the beginning and end of Qing Dynasty, used to send and receive pigging; electronic tracking pigging a set of instruments including positioning, positioning receiver, transmitter, line ball indicator instrument, used for tracking operation in the pipeline pigging ball, once stuck in precise positioning.

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