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Steel brush cleaning device

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Steel brush cleaning device

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Detailed introduction

Steel brush cleaning device

QDQ-S type steel brush cleaning device

Main function: cleaning pipeline, derusting

The pig is considered during the design of interchangeability can be installed straight and cup frame, also can install the transmitter

Structure type 1 pig for a variety of structure, can satisfy the pigging, derusting, diameter measurement, replacement, production function isolation etc..

2 pipe cleaner can pass through the pipe elbow with the minimum radius of curvature as 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe.

3 the running distance of the pig is greater than or equal to 200 kilometers.

4 the appearance quality of the pipe cleaner is a metal frame which is sprayed and plated to prevent corrosion.

5 pipe cleaner overall assembly requirements of installation in accordance with the provisions of the order of the leather bowl, plate should be installed and mounted flat, connecting bolts and nuts evenly tightened.

Determination of tensile stress and strain properties of GB/T 528 vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber

Determination of tear strength of GB/T 529 vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber (trousers, rectangular and crescent shaped specimens)

Standard Test Method for Indentation Hardness of GB/T 531 rubber pocket hardness tester

1689 determination of wear resistance of GB/T vulcanized rubber (Akron machine)

Welding quality requirements for GB/T12467.3 welding of metal materials

Q/CNPC-GD 0254 polyurethane pig skin

Technical regulation of Q/CNPC-GD 0255 mechanical cleaning device

Operation code for SY/T5922 natural gas pipeline

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