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cyclone separator

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cyclone separator

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Detailed introduction

cyclone separator

cyclone separator


The cyclone separator is a kind of dust removal equipment, it is a kind of solid particles that can be said for a long time to remove the separation of the solid particles suspended in the transport gas.

The application of the cyclone separator in the pipeline transportation project solves the influence of the dust and the fog on the transportation and the use of the gas in the pipe. In the process design, the separator is arranged at the front end of the filter, which can greatly improve the transmission precision and the use efficiency of the whole process pipeline, and also can improve the service life of the pipeline.

The cyclone separator is widely applied to the separation of gas, liquid and gas, and the separation of the mixture of the gas and the liquid, and the separation of the centrifugal separation and the filtration separation technology are integrated into one body.


Cyclone separator is widely used in the fields of natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, coal - fired power plant and environmental protection. It uses the sedimentation of gravity and centrifugal separation, etc. according to the principle of airflow separation of solid and liquid magazines and fine dust particles. When the liquid drops entrained solids and gases into the cyclone by the tangent direction, so that the gas along the wall to the bottom to do high-speed rotation, downward spiral motion according to the spiral line, reached the bottom after folded upwards, as the inner spin on the air, finally discharged from the separator outlet into the pipeline.

Structure composition:

The cyclone separator adopts cyclone separation chamber two and multiple spiral line cylinder structure, compared with the traditional centrifugal separation equipment size, conventional gravity separator is 1/3, but the efficiency is much higher than that of the conventional gravity separator. The gas to be purified is very small in the rotating diameter, the smaller gas flow rate and the lower gas velocity condition still have a strong centrifugal force field. The separation efficiency of the liquid particles and the solid particles in the cyclone separator is higher, the maximum separation efficiency can reach 99%.

The cyclone separator is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the main cylinder, the vortex tube, and the mist catching device.

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