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Explosion-proof ball indicator

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Explosion-proof ball indicator

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Detailed introduction

Explosion-proof ball indicator

QDQ-III type explosion-proof ball indicator

Functional characteristics

Electronic ball indicator (explosion-proof) is mainly used for cleaning time is issued through a tube display and alarm, you can always see the pig through.

Digital display indicator, clear and reliable, and is equipped with remote signal. When the pig by triggering mechanical ram, touch switch is given (on or off) control signal, on the base of the clock to stop, but also the remote signal to the host computer. Mechanical parts of the rod automatically reset, the instrument display part of the manual reset.

technical parameter

Explosion protection class: dIIBT6 protection class: IP65

Protection grade: WFI remote signal wiring hole thread: 1/2NPT

Contact capacity: 24VDC.3A

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