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Non intrusive ball indicator

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Non intrusive ball indicator

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  • Release date:2016/09/01
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Detailed introduction

Non intrusive ball indicator

Non intrusive ball indicator for whether the oil and gas and water pipeline pigging detection tube cleaner through the instrument at a certain point of the non intrusive installation using standard type in ground pipeline. In the installation of buried pipes should be used to lengthen, the header and the extension rod separation installation. Supporting the installation of the permanent magnet on the tube ball and other accessories and provide a fixed band, a fixed clip, such as a full set of installation.

Technical parameter:

Conveying medium: oil, gas, water

Explosion proof grade: Exd II BT4

Protection level: IP65

Installation method: detachable clamp installation

Remote control signal, contact capacity: 24VDC, 3A

The remote control signal of the time: 5S

Remote interface: 1/2NPT

Conveying line for all materials

The pipe cleaner must be equipped with magnetic force.

The external clamping type supporting device provides a permanent magnet and a complete set of mounting parts, such as a fixed belt, a fixing clip, etc., which are arranged on the ball of the cleaning pipe.

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