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Intelligent electronic positioning receiver

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Intelligent electronic positioning receiver

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Detailed introduction

智能型电子定位接收机Intelligent electronic positioning receiver

QDQ-DW-III type intelligent electronic positioning receiver

Functional characteristics

The electronic positioning receiver has the function of picking up and memorizing and sound and light alarm display, which is mainly used for detecting the running of the pipeline cleaning device and accurately finding the blocking position. Strong ability to withstand vibration, able to withstand the interference caused by the disturbance of the walk and do not produce alarm display. With a small size, easy to carry, easy to use in the field and at night and so on.

technical parameter

Continuous power supply time: 72h

Receiving radius: 12m

Response speed: 30m/s

Effective detection depth: 8M

Positioning accuracy: + 2cm

Positioning operation method of electronic tube cleaning device

When the probe is perpendicular to the axis of the pipeline, the maximum value of the two signals (buried depth is different, the distance between the two maximum values) can be accepted at the front and back two points of the pipe cleaner. When the positioning operation can move the probe, a gain knob is adjusted, the signal is strongest when the pointer swing to the dial 80% or so. Then the portable probe to the maximum position of the front or rear a maximum value, measured in a maximum of two about position, one side looking for side turn knob until the gain to a large gain, when the signal is very small, or hands free instructions, probe from this point forward or offset one can clearly see the head pointer and regular swing. In finding the two maximum and minimum value, as far as possible to keep the distance between the probe and the ground constant. At this point the hand is no indication of the position of blocking pipe cleaner.

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